GIS Tree Inventory / Mapping

YTS can assist real estate/property managers, municipalities and utilities with tree inventories to help with long term maintenance and management of trees and vegetation and the associated budgeting.  The tree inventories include important information like species of trees and their diversity property wide, size of trees, health of trees, potential risks, incidence of pests and disease, maintenance suggestions/schedules and other customer requested information.  All this information is provided in a format that is easy to understand and can be uploaded into existing GIS databases.  This information is captured on the widely used ArcGIS® platform.

With the rapidly spreading incidence of Emerald Ash Borer and the fact that almost a quarter of our urban forest trees are ash; determining the cost of managing those ash trees is very important.  A GIS tree inventory can help estimate and budget for the cost of ash tree treatments, removals and replacement and allow you to budget accordingly.  It is also a vital tool in tracking ash tree treatments, allowing for a smarter, more efficient and effective treatment plan.

GIS Tree Inventory Estimating Services

GIS tree inventories and mapping is also a powerful tool for estimating and budgeting right of way management and maintenance, site clearing projects, utility clearance and maintenance, tree plantings and replacement, and vegetation management.  It is also a powerful planning tool when it comes to assuring a good city wide or property wide species diversity in your trees.

Of course the inventories and maps are only as good as the information that is put into them.  YTS uses ISA Certified Arborists and Department of Natural Resources Certified Tree Inspectors to capture all of the information and upload it directly to our database.  The information is collected using handheld computers with accurate GPS coordinates and mapping software to assure the highest integrity on all collected information.

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