Mulch Sales and Installation

In addition to tree care services YTS sells a full line of Mulch products which are all available for delivery.  We carry:

  • 100% Cypress Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Red Pine Mulch
  • Colored Mulch – Dark Walnut Brown, Gold, Honey Gold, and Red
  • Hardwood – Double shredded
  • PlayStep™ – Wood fiber playground safety surfacing material

Mulch Products

YTS is the produces a line of high quality mulch products that are available for sale at retail or wholesale pricing.  We will delivery quantities as little as 50 yards or as much as your location will need for an entire season.  Our mulches are recommended for use in new landscape beds, tree rings or as a top dressing.  Our large selection of quality mulch products can add to the beauty of your home, business or public landscape projects and beds.

Mulch Installation

Not only will YTS delivery your mulch but we will install your mulch also.  We install all of our products, and for an additional fee will install landscape fabric on all your new landscape bed installations.  We are able to complete your project quickly so you can continue your work on the project or just be able to admire and enjoy your project that much sooner.


YTS has developed a specialty wood fiber playground safety surfacing material call PlayStep™.  This product gives your playground an attractive, natural look and is priced lower than other playground surfaces.  Once installed and settled, PlayStep™ will cushion falls yet provide a surface firm enough for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.  PlayStep™ is manufactured from renewable resources and is biodegradable and compostable, miking is safe for the environment and children.

YTS also developed and distributes wood products for the agriculture and livestock industry.  Our innovation continues to improve and link some of America’s most important industries.

At YTS, our mission is to provide clients with outstanding service that instills pride in our employees, our clients, and our industry. Our team operates with the highest degree of integrity focused on continual learning and the utmost professionalism. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients through clear communication with a dedication to providing service that provides exceptional customer experience, every time. That’s The YTS Way.

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