Municipal Tree Care Services

EAB InjectionsYTS is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).  Established in 1938, TCIA is a trade association of more than 2,200 commercial tree service companies and their affiliates.  TCIA accreditation is a third party verification process similar to other industry accreditations such as ISO 9000 series.  TCIA accreditation reviews tree care industry specific standards, client satisfaction and regulatory compliance, including safety training and compliance.  When you choose YTS for your tree care you can be assured you are hiring a professional, qualified tree care company.  We are also fully insured and are bonded in the municipalities that require it.

“The resident on Woodbine Street, adjacent to where you recently removed several large elms on the City easement, called to say how impressed he was with the crew that was out there doing the work. Great job! YTS has been representing the City of Coon Rapids extremely well over the last several years. Thank you.”

YTS’ ISA Certified Arborists work with city planners and foresters to develop strategic solutions for the many challenges trees can pose to municipalities.  We can provide valuable information and assistance in many areas including:

  • Municiple Contractor MNTree Pruning/Trimming YTS will help you maintain proper structure, shape and aesthetic appeal of your trees while maintaining proper clearance from buildings and right of ways.
  • Street Reconstruction Projects
  • Right of Way Maintenance and Restoration
  • Plant Health Care YTS offers a full line of Plant Health Care services including tree injections, foliar spays, ground drenches and Prescription Fertilization.
  • Storm Damaged Tree Removal and Clean Up Some stormed damaged trees simply cannot be saved or are not worth saving.  If more than 50 percent of the crown is gone, or the tree was already weakened from previous damage or disease, often there is little that can be done to save the tree.  YTS crews can quickly respond to all your tree removal and clean up needs.
  • Tree Restoration & RemovalServices MNCustom Material Grinding and Hauling After storm events or during a construction project, YTS has the equipment to grind and haul all volumes of material off site.
  • GIS Tree Inventory/Mapping YTS can provide Municipalities with tree inventories to help with long term maintenance, management, and budgeting costs of their trees.
  • Municipal Contractor MinnesotaTree Insect and Disease YTS professionals can diagnose your trees insect and disease problems and offer the appropriate treatments and management plans. We have treatments that can save your ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer and many other insects and diseases.
  • Park and Public Area Tree Management Public trees need to be monitored for disease, insects and defects.  Tree risk assessment is crucial to public safety!
  • Tree and Stump Removal When trees have to be removed, YTS has the right equipment and training to remove large and difficult trees.
  • municipal tree serviceCabling and Bracing Cabling and bracing provides artificial support to a structurally weakened or damaged tree.  This support can provide the tree an opportunity to grow and heal and be protected from future storm damage. 
  • Emerald Ash Borer Management With the inevitable spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, municipalities will be burdened with the expense and management of this pest.  YTS can use their knowledge and tools to provide a management plan, budget estimates and services including pest identification, tree injections and tree removal and replacement.
  • Mulch Sales and Installation
  • Minnesota Tree Removal ContractorTree Planting We believe in bright beginnings so we offer tree planting services provided by professionals who know proper planting techniques.
  • Tree Protection During Construction
  • Site Clearing We can remove trees and vegetation in preparation for construction, road building or improvement, walking and bike paths, utility work, park development and large scale invasive specie control.
  • Vegetation Management YTS can remove unwanted vegetation such as buckthorn or other invasive species.
  • Utility Right of Way Clearing
  • 24/7 Emergency Response YTS crews are available 24/7 year round to respond to your storm damaged trees.  We can quickly and safely remove trees and debris from your buildings, roads, vehicles or any other locations that create a hazard.

At YTS, our mission is to provide clients with outstanding service that instills pride in our employees, our clients, and our industry. Our team operates with the highest degree of integrity focused on continual learning and the utmost professionalism. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients through clear communication with a dedication to providing service that provides exceptional customer experience, every time. That’s The YTS Way.

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