Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Tree Contractor St Louis Park MN

Tree Care Company St PaulThe “Land of 10,000 Lakes” fits a lot better on a license plate than the “Land of 1 million or so Trees.” Regardless, we have a lot of trees in this state and around St. Louis Park, and they all need attention. YTS is a city contractor for St. Louis Park and we service not only the city’s needs with regards to their trees, but the community’s needs and individual homeowners as well. If you have old trees or new trees, we can help you make sure the trees continue to grow for years to come. And if you have storm damage, or suspect that emerald ash borer has made its way onto your property, we can take care of that as well. Call us today and let’s get started keeping your trees healthy and your yard happy.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

The articles have been in the newspaper and the TV anchors have talked about it on the local news; the emerald ash borer is here and is damaging and killing trees. This nasty little bug has wiped out countless trees around the state, and it is still causing havoc and unfortunately is only going to get worse. Fortunately, treatments have been developed that can drive the EAB from your trees and your yard so that your trees can recover and continue to grow and remain healthy. In the early stages of the infestation, this was not the case. We simply cut the trees down and then planted something new, losing shade and beauty at the same time. But now, if it’s caught early enough, we simply have to inject specially formulated treatment and the bugs will be gone from your ash trees. And don’t worry, this treatment is safe for your trees, safe for you and safe for your pets. Give us a call today and let’s solve or prevent your EAB problem.

Storm Damage Tree Contractor

YTS helps residents around St. Louis Park and the city clean up after a damaging storm comes through the area. We will clean up all debris off the ground, take down any broken or hanging limbs or remove the tree if necessary, and in some instances, can repair damaged trees so that they can grow strong again. We can also remove or mulch all of the tree debris left after the storm.  Contact us today if you need help with storm clean up.

Professional Tree Contractor St. Louis Park

YTS ISA Certified Arborists have been working with trees in St. Louis Park and the surrounding area for many years. Give us a call today 612-331-1133 to deal with any trees issues you may have.

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