Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling MNTree removal can often be avoided by simply cabling or bracing your tree.  Cabling and bracing applies artificial support to a structurally weakened or damaged tree. This support can provide the tree an opportunity to grow, heal and be protected from future storm damage.

If you have an important or prominent tree that shows signs of splitting due to age, poor form or storm damage, cabling or bracing may be an alternative to removing the tree. Our tree care experts can evaluate your tree and in many instances are able to recommend cabling or bracing. YTS is experienced in these tree saving techniques and can determine the appropriate location and number of cables necessary and with minimal trauma, strengthen and save the tree.

Minimum Trauma Tree Cabling

There is no guarantee that these techniques will work in every case, buy you can put the odds in the trees favor when tree cabling and bracing are applied correctly. It’s giving a valuable asset a second chance to continue providing its economic and aesthetic benefits while making the tree safer and stronger.

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