Prescription Fertilization

Prescription fertilization is a treatment provided to tree where a nutrient rich solution is injected into the root zone of a tree.  The solution is injected directly into the ground starting just below the surface and can go to a depth of twelve inches.  The soil injections are done within the drip line of the tree starting approximately three feet from the trunk, providing the tree with the macronutrients and micronutrients needs for sustaining good growth and to help fight against disease.

Does My Tree Need Fertilization?  

Trees in suburban and urban neighborhoods are often put under stress due to stressors like soil compaction, construction damage, too little water, too much water, poor fill soils and soils that are just lacking the nutrients needed for a tree to remain healthy proper growth.  YTS can perform a soil test to determine the health of your soils and then make recommendations on whether your trees need additional fertilization and if so how much and what kind.  Sometimes your trees will exhibit obvious symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, such as chlorosis, and a YTS arborists can quickly recommend and perform the necessary corrective treatment.

Fertilization Treatments

YTS provides a full spectrum of fertilization solutions including soil injections and soil drenches.  Fertilization rates and solutions are adjusted to your tree’s needs and are customized to each individual tree.  As a tree ages through its life cycles its fertilization needs change and our ISA Certified Arborists will recommend the best treatments for each of these cycles.  This insures your trees will have a long and healthy life and continue to add beauty and value to your property.  Call YTS today and learn what we can do to help keep your trees healthy and growing long into the future.

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