Tree Injections Minneapolis and St Paul MN

Emerald Ash Borer MNAll plants are susceptible to disease and attack by pests.  YTS offers the most innovative and effective tree injections to guard against and eliminate many of the most wide spread diseases and pests that pose a threat to your trees. Your trees can be protected from Insects like Emerald Ash Borer, two-lined chestnut borer and bronze birch borer and from diseases like oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, apple scab and anthracnose.

YTS uses injection equipment and treatments developed by Arborject®, an industry leader in tree injection technology and plant health solutions.

YTS’ ISA Certified Arborists can diagnose what is ailing your trees and recommend the most effective and cost efficient treatments to correct the problem.  The tree injections deliver the remedy directly into the xylem layer of the tree, eliminating any release of chemicals into the surrounding ground or air.  This allows less of the treatment to be used and prevents non-target application that may affect nearby plants, insects, animals or people.  All injections are performed by licensed pesticide applicators who have been trained in proper use of the treatments and equipment used to administer them.

Tree Root InjectionsOf course the most effective way to stop tree disease is to be proactive and have our ISA Certified Arborists  or Certified Tree Inspector perform an inspection and examination of your trees and recommend preventative treatments for Emerald Ash Borer, oak wilt, Dutch elm disease and other pests and diseases that may be near and potentially infect your trees.  Even if your trees appear to be healthy today, contact us so we can help you extend their life and keep them beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

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