Storm Damage Reduce Storm Risk MN

Storm Damage Reduce Storm Risk MNThe weather in Minnesota is extremely unpredictable and can bring severe snow/ice storms in the winter, and severe thunderstorms in the spring and summer months.  These storms can do significant damage to the trees on your property, and if bad enough, it is possible that you may lose one or more trees following a storm. In the aftermath of a storm, one of the biggest questions is whether a tree needs to be removed, or if it can be saved.  YTS is a full service tree care company that can help you make an informed decision about whether your tree is healthy enough to be saved or if it is time to have it removed. YTS is based in the Rogers, MN area and serves the surrounding area.

Can Your Tree Be Saved?

Very often after a storm, a property owner may look at a tree and assume based on the number of limbs down that the tree needs to be removed.  This quick decision may not in fact be the correct one and can result in a tree being unnecessarily removed.

Trees are actually very resilient and generally can recover from most storm damage.  Damaged trees should always be evaluated and inspected by a professional to make the determination about whether it is safe or if it needs to be removed.  The ISA Certified Arborists at YTS can come to your property anytime, 24/7 if needed to help make this important decision.  In general, our advice is that if the tree is not causing an immediate risk to property, we recommend keeping the tree.  Our team can attempt to stabilize and restore it for you.

Tree Care Services Offered By YTS

YTS can provide the following tree care services to help stabilize and restore a weakened or damaged tree on your property:

  1. Pruning: Pruning is one of the most highly effective strategies for preventing tree damage and disease and strengthening the trees on your property.  Pruning helps improve the structure of the tree over time and reduces vulnerability for future storms.
  2. Storm Damage Cleanup: YTS can complete all necessary storm damage cleanup quickly so that your property can be restored to its normal condition fast, minimizing any additional damage.
  3. Strengthening Your Tree: If a tree on your property has been damaged, it is possible to treat it and restore it back to health.  Tree cabling and bracing can get your tree back to a healthy state. YTS can help you avoid removing a tree by providing your tree with the support it needs to heal and continue to grow.

For more information about the comprehensive tree care services offered by YTS in the Minnesota area, call (612) 331-1133. The quicker you call after a storm, the better chance your tree has of surviving.

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