Lake Hubert MN Storm Restoration

Residential Storm Damaged Tree RemovalWe all know how volatile the Minnesota weather can be.  Our area is typically known for harsh winters, but spring and summer thunderstorms can easily be as dangerous and destructive as a bad winter storm.  In fact, earlier this month, the Lake Hubert, MN area was battered by a thunder and hail storm that packed high winds and hail that measured nearly 2 inches (1.75 inch hail recorded near Lake Hubert).  And, other nearby areas saw hail sizes in upwards of 3-4 inches.  This unexpected severe weather may have damaged cars and even homes in our area and may also have left trees damaged on your property. Act fast if you think that one of your trees has been damaged.  Your swift response may be the difference between being able to save a tree and needing to remove it all together. YTS is a full service tree care company with ISA Certified Arborists on staff that can quickly assess the strength of your vulnerable tree and determine whether saving it is possible.

Important Factors for Saving A Tree

Tree Care Company St PaulIf you are concerned that a tree or trees on your property suffered damage during the recent storm, call the team at YTS for help.  Our storm damage team will respond anytime, 24 hours a day as we understand that you may need help immediately.  Our licensed and highly experienced team will assess your property, paying close attention to the following factors to help determine whether the tree(s) can be saved, or if they need to be removed from the area.

  • Safety: The first and most important factor to consider is safety.  If there is physical risk of harm to your property or to any individuals, the tree must be removed.
  • Tree crown: If 50% or more of the tree crown has been damaged or is gone, then the tree will not survive the storm.
  • Timing: The sooner our team can assess your vulnerable tree, the better the changes that it can be restored and saved. Call as soon as possible after a strong storm.
  • If there is no physical harm threatened and the crown of the tree is intact, then our team will likely recommend that the tree be saved and treated to restore it to health.
  • Strategies for Restoring Trees: YTS can develop a plan to restore your tree back to health. Our team can cable or brace your tree, prune it and/or clean up the area around it to give the tree its best chance to thrive.

Storm Cleanup And Restoration, Lake Hubert, MN

Call YTS anytime 24/7 at 612-331-1133 if you are concerned that the recent storm damaged one or more trees on your Lake Hubert property.   A member of our team can come to your property as soon as possible to assess the situation and give you a recommendation quickly how best to care for the ailing tree.

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