Plymouth Tree Care

Plymouth Tree CareIn Minnesota, trees are everywhere. They’re one of the advantages of living in an area surrounded by wilderness, but some of us take the health of our trees for granted. We expect trees to remain where they are simply because that’s where they’ve always been. Whether it’s a family tree in front of your home, a line of trees lining your driveway, or a few tall trees standing in front of your business, you’re probably so used to seeing those trees that you’ve come to assume they’ll always be there. But like anything other living organism, trees can’t simply survive on their own without proper nutrition and care. Trees can be damaged, lack nutrients, and require upkeep, as with any plant life, but you might be less well-equipped to take care of trees than you are to care for your garden or windowsill plants. If you’re in need of a Plymouth, MN tree care company to help you maintain your tree’s health, promote tree growth, or even remove trees, YTS is here to help with our ISA Certified Arborists, experienced in providing commercial and residential tree care services.

Dying and Damaged Tree Removal

Tree removal is an unfortunate part of the tree care business, but it’s necessary. Whether we like it or not – and very few of us like it – trees don’t last forever, and whether they survive or not is not always up to us. Especially in Minnesota, where hail storms, wind storms, and lightning storms frequently threaten our trees, we don’t always have a say in whether our trees stay or go. When you’re in need of a Plymouth, MN tree removal service, we’ll remove dead and dying trees that have become a danger or eyesore on your property, storm-damaged trees that can’t be salvaged, and diseased trees that have suffered from parasitic infestations or other tree diseases that have caused irreparable damage. That said, we are a tree care company that believes in saving trees that can and should be saved, so if your damaged, diseased, or dying trees are salvageable, we’ll make sure that we do everything we can, from tree injections to tree cabling and bracing, to ensure that your trees regain their health and start growing strong again.

Tree Care Services for Healthier Trees

No matter the age of your tree, good tree maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring your trees have long, healthy lives, and we’re here to make sure that you have the tree care services your tree needs. We offer tree trimming and pruning services for when your trees become too large to grow properly, tree cabling and bracing for small or failing trees that need extra support, tree fertilization and injections to promote better tree health and tree growth, and tree pest control services for when your trees become infested with unwanted parasites. Whatever you need to keep the trees on your property healthy, we have the best arborists with years of experience in Minnesota tree care service. Contact YTS (612) 331-1133 or, and find out more about our Plymouth, MN tree care services.

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