Tree Clearing St. Michael

Tree Clearing St. MichaelWhen you’re building a new home, adding onto your home or business property, need space to pave a parking lot or erect a new building, you’ll need a Minnesota site clearing company for all tree and stump removals, brush removal, and land leveling so that your project can get started as soon as possible. Once you know that the site where you want to build or develop the land is home to tree, especially healthy trees, you should call in arborists for tree clearing services that include tracking which trees are removed for development plan compliance. At YTS, when we offer St. Michael, MN tree clearing services, we also offer you the chance to make sure the trees we remove from your property can be replaced in a new location if a particular tree or species is protected or you just want to preserve it. That way, when we’re finished with a tree clearing or site clearing, we don’t have to feel bad about removing trees, and neither do you.

Commercial and Residential Site Clearing

Tree clearing is necessary for both commercial and residential building, and at YTS, we offer both commercial and residential tree clearing. While residential tree removal companies might charge you an arm and a leg to remove trees from your property, charging you based on their individual tree removal fee. Instead, we offer affordable site clearing services that will leave your land level and free of plant life.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Site clearing is an extensive undertaking for a home or business owner to tackle themselves. Instead, let the St. Michael tree clearing experts at YTS put their tree removal experience to the test, first removing your trees and then using stump grinding for easy and complete stump removal.

Brush Removal, and Land Leveling

Once we’ve taken care of the largest site clearing tasks, clearing trees and grinding stumps, we’ll move on to brush removal and land leveling, putting the final touches on your tree clearing project. By removing brush and plant life, and leveling the land on your property, we make sure that your home or business is ready for whatever home improvements or business additions you intend to make. To find out more about our GIS tree tracking system that helps us estimate and map tree populations, or for a quote for our St. Michael, MN tree clearing services, call YTS, a Minnesota tree clearing company, at 612-331-1133, or send an email to

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