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Minnesota Native Trees

Tree Planting MinneapolisTrees add so much to a property. Its no wonder that Minneapolis, MN landowners love their trees along with the benefits they provide. Adding a new tree sapling or replacing a problem tree takes careful consideration. You should have an idea of why you want the new tree and what you expect when it matures. YTS has Licensed Arborists with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and care of Minnesota Native Trees. We provide Expert Tree Planting and Tree Care Services for the Twin Cities metro area.

Planting The Right Tree In The Right Place

Each type of tree has unique characteristics and set of care requirements. A Licensed Arborist from YTS can consult with you to choose the right type of tree and the right placement for maximum enjoyment. We will make sure that the tree or shrub that you choose fits the permit requirements of the Minneapolis Forestry Division.

Tree Type And Placement Considerations:

  • Why do you want the tree? – Are you hoping to attract wildlife, enhance your landscaping or conserve energy costs?
  • How big will the tree become when it is mature? – Tree placement is extremely important to ensure that the tree has room to grow and not become a hazard.
  • What type of tree do you want? – Some trees require more maintenance, some provide more shade, some attract more wildlife, make sure you know what to expect.
  • Proper tree trimming and pruning are essential for maintaining a strong, healthy tree. – YTS has all the equipment and skills needed for proper tree maintenance.

Expert Tree Care And Watering

With YTS you will always receive Expert Tree Planting and Care. Our experienced team of tree care professionals can set up a plan for proper watering, cabling and fertilizing so that your new trees will thrive.

Planting Mature Trees

Larger, more mature trees can be planted on your property with the expertise of YTS. We have special equipment that can handle the job safely and efficiently. As a Licensed Arborist, we are highly knowledgeable on techniques procedures for planting a mature, Native Minnesota Tree. We can educate you on how to properly care for your tree and enjoy all of the many benefits.

Licensed Minnesota Arborists

YTS hasa Licensed Arborists with knowledge of the unique characteristics and maintenance of Minnesota Native Trees. One of our representatives can come to your Minneapolis, MN property to help you determine which type of tree will be the right tree in the right place. We also provide Expert Tree Planting and Tree Care Services around the metro area.

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