Oak Wilt & Dutch Elm Disease MN

Oak Wilt & Dutch Elm Disease MNTwo very dangerous and potentially deadly diseases that can strike Minnesota trees are Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease.  Both diseases are caused by vascular wilt fungi and without proper treatment can cause very quick death for the infected trees.  These two diseases are common in Minnesota trees and are both transmitted by insects or root grafts.  YTS is a full service tree company that can treat trees in the Minnesota area that have been infected by Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm. Our experienced team can assess your tree and determine whether your tree can be saved, or if it is best to have it removed.

Oak Wilt Disease

Oak Wilt is a deadly disease that can strike trees in the oak family. It is usually the most dangerous for trees in the red oak family, including red oak, pin oak, and black oak.  If a red oak is infected with Oak Wilt, it can die within a few months.  Common symptoms include:

  • Browning of leaf margin from the tips to bases
  • Leaves on branches that look like they are wilting
  • Some leaves on tree may defoliate green or brown while others remain attached;
  • Fungal mats which are also often called pressure pads, may develop beneath the bark by the following spring. This is the mechanism for spreading the disease to nearby healthy trees (via picnic beetles)

Injections, root graft disruption or removal are the most effective treatments for Oak Wilt Disease and a professional tree care specialist will be able to tell you quickly whether your tree is infected and whether it can be saved.

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease preys on American Elm, Red Elm and Rock trees, all commonly found in the Upper Midwest. It is spread by the elm bark beetle. You may notice that the upper branches of your American Elms have leaves that start to wither and turn yellow in the summer, earlier than their normal time for autumnal leaf shedding.  This spreads to the rest of the tree if not treated and this eventually kills the tree.  Tree injections can prevent the disease from ever infecting the tree.

Treatment And Restoration Of Oak Wilt & Dutch Elm Disease MN

YTS Companies has been focused on tree care in the Upper Midwest for many years. Our team is comprised of 7 ISA certified arborists, with 100+ years of combined experience.  The YTS team cares deeply about the trees in our region and has done extensive work to save trees infected with Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm Disease.  We can quickly assess your vulnerable tree(s) and develop a treatment plan to help treat and restore your tree to optimal health.  In the event that your tree cannot be saved, we can also remove infected trees so that the disease does not continue to spread to other trees in the area.  Call YTS today at (612) 331-1133 for more information.

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