Tree Fertilization Twin Cities

Tree Fertilization Twin CitiesLike any living organism, your trees need certain nutrients to stay healthy and live a long life, and when they’re suffering from nutrient deficiencies, you might not see a noticeable difference until it’s too late. Fortunately, nutrient deficiencies are easily treated, and the treatment method may already be obvious to you. When you’re lacking nutrients, the easiest way for you to get an extra boost is to eat, and it’s a similar concept to what trees need. That’s why we recommend fertilizing malnourished trees to help them regain their strength with a boost of much-needed nutrients. At YTS, we specialize in all forms of tree care in the Rogers, Minnesota area, including fertilization, and whether it’s your generations-old family tree or the new trees in front of your local business, your trees could be lacking nutrients, no matter how old they are or how healthy they appear.

Why Tree Fertilization?

We tend to take trees for granted in some ways, whether it be simply depending on seeing them around or assuming they’ll be in our yards forever. Unfortunately, trees don’t last forever, and if not taken care of with proper tree care, you run the risk of neglecting your trees to the point that they don’t get the nutrients they need to be healthy or survive. When this happens, it can have several causes, but it’s important to know that tree fertilization can help combat almost every cause of malnutrition in trees. If your trees are sharing small spaces, their roots could be kept from extending as far as they need or taking in as many nutrients as they need, as they could be sharing soil with other trees or plant life that also require these nutrients. You could also be dealing with a construction or storm-damaged tree that is incapable of naturally soaking up nutrients, or perhaps your tree is getting too much or too little water, or it’s suffered from parasite damage, which left it lacking nutrients. Whatever the cause of your trees’ malnutrition, fertilization is likely the best treatment.

Fertilization Tree Injections to Improve Tree Health

Tree fertilization is commonly seen as merely a means to save a tree from imminent nutrient deficiency, but it can also function as a form of good tree maintenance. For most trees, malnutrition is not a one-time issue, and if your trees are planted in less than ideal locations that don’t hold enough nutrients or the proper nutrients for your trees to survive, you’ll likely see a swift decline in your trees’ health. However, if you have your soil tested by the ISA certified arborist at YTS, you’ll be able to see just what your trees are missing and exactly how you can help keep them healthy. With fertilization injections, we can help you give the trees at your Rogers, Minnesota, home or business the nutrients they need to thrive. Contact us at (612) 331-1133 or, and see how tree fertilization can give your trees the best possible chance at survival despite by combatting their malnourishment.

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