Broken Tree Cleanup St Michael MN

Harm of Deicing on PlantsWhen a tree breaks, it never breaks in exactly the same way as another. In some cases, a broken tree could simply mean a tree with a broken limb – or maybe even a few fallen branches. A broken tree could mean that a tree has been split down its center, rendering it highly vulnerable to further damage, and potentially unsalvageable. Worst of all, a broken tree could mean a completely destroyed tree, broken in two or more pieces and entirely unable to be saved. After the storms in St Michael, Minnesota, you could be coming to terms with losing a now completely broken tree, wondering how to repair a storm-damaged tree that might be able to be saved, or wondering how to clear away the fallen branches of a slightly damaged tree. Whatever situation you’re finding yourself in, YTS is here to help you with your broken tree cleanup needs, no matter how mildly or severely broken your trees are.

Pruning Storm-Damaged Branches

If you were lucky enough to make it through the St Michael storms with only slightly damaged trees, don’t wait to have your trees cleaned up so that they can continue growing and stay healthy. With tree pruning, YTS can help you clear broken branches from your trees’ canopies, ensuring that they don’t interfere with future growth. We’ll also help you clear your property of fallen limbs, hauling the heavy wood to a new location to be ground and repurposed. When we leave your property, we’ll ensure that the storm-damaged trees look good as new, making sure that your property – at least around your trees – looks no worse for wear.

Salvaging Broken Trees after the St Michael Storms

Although it’s an unpleasant fact that it’s possible to salvage storm-damaged trees in some cases and not in others, it’s something that we’ve had to grow accustomed to at YTS. We see storm-damaged tree all the time that are completely destroyed, and we also end up repairing broken trees that no one thought could be mended. Whatever your tree needs, whether it’s a good pruning to keep it healthy, tree cabling to help the storm-damaged branches and trunk stand steady, or even tree removal, so that you can clear your yard of a helplessly damaged tree, we’re here to help with storm cleanup in whatever ways we can.

Storm-Damaged Tree Site Clearing

Site clearing can mean many things, depending on the state of your trees and whether you want them on your property, but following a storm like the one in St Michael, Minnesota, site clearing usually involves clearing properties of storm-damaged trees and fallen trees that can’t be saved and have to be removed and cleared away. At YTS, we have the necessary equipment to haul and grind your storm-damaged trees, leaving your property looking no worse for wear that when your tree broke or fell. If you need a reliable site clearing company that will clear your property of broken trees, contact us today at (612) 331-1133, or send an email to to find out how we can help you with storm damage cleanup.

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