Proper Fall Tree Care

Fall Tree Care MNThe weather has been absolutely perfect this year; very few unbearably humid days and just an abundance of sunshine and pleasant temperatures and dew points. And while we hope that fall will be just as beautiful as summer was, we know that there is still work to be done before we can enjoy those crisp autumn nights. Trees need a lot of attention in the fall in order to get them ready to survive another grueling Minnesota winter, and if you just don’t have the time to do this work, we recommend having a professional tree service such as YTS handle the chores. Below is a step-by-step outline of should be done to your yard in order to get it ready for winter. Again, if you are unable to or don’t have time to do this work, we recommend having a licensed and insured tree service handle the task. YTS Tree Care Experts can deftly handle everything that needs to be done to your Minnesota property.

Chores After Labor Day

Following Labor Day, trees should be inspected for diseases and infestations of bugs. If anything is found, it should be treated promptly in order to ensure that the tree(s) does not suffer further damage. Also, risky trees should be removed. This includes any trees that have a high chance of breaking or falling down from high winter winds or the weight of snow. A professional tree service company can help you identify diseased trees and those at high risk of falling.

Tree Care Before Halloween

Before the end of October rolls around, dead and other unsafe branches should be trimmed. Trimming infested and diseased branches gives your trees more of a chance to survive the harsh winds and heavy snows of winter. The next thing to do once all necessary branches have been trimmed is to lay mulch around trees and shrubs. This doesn’t need to be done for all the trees on your property, but it’s very beneficial to younger trees and shrubs. A layer of mulch 2-4 inches deep acts as a blanket and keeps the organic material in the soil. This enables your trees and shrubs to get at least a little nourishment during the winter. And mulch helps your plants maintain moisture and fend off weeds. After mulch has been laid, trees and shrubs should then be fertilized. Even though mulch helps keep nutrients in the ground, it doesn’t hold all of them. Fertilizer helps provide extra nutrients during the slim winter months ahead.

Tree Management Before Thanksgiving

The tree care experts at YTS advise removing leaves from beds and grass. When leaves are left where they fall all winter, they release excessive nitrogen into the ground, and this excessive nitrogen can kill grass, shrubs, and trees. Also, any weak tree limbs should be cabled and braced so that they can withstand the elements of winter. But cabling and bracing is not a DIY project, and we recommend you have an experienced tree care company handle this task. And last but not least, remember to water younger evergreen trees. This helps ensure that they will survive the winter.

ISA Certified Arborists

At YTS, we have multiple ISA certified arborists on our staff. No matter if you need fall tree care services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Brainerd, our certified arborists will get the job done. So if you need help getting your trees ready for fall and winter, contact the experts at YTS today.

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