Tree Services Maple Grove MN

Tree Services Maple Grove MNMost people, when they think of their trees, think of them as ever-resilient parts of their land that simply take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true, especially when outside forces are at work. However, with proper tree care and a commitment to better tree health, you can help your tree at your home or business stay healthy and live longer. When you can’t save your trees, though, taking the necessary steps to remove your tree is a necessary, albeit disappointing element of tree care. With YTS tree care services, our Maple Grove, Minnesota, arborists will help you improve tree health on your property, save trees that need extra TLC, and remove trees that are too far gone to save.

Extensive Tree Care Services for Improving Tree Health

We’re here for your tree from the very beginning, offering tree planting and tree fertilization services, and we’ll stand by your tree as it ages to give it the best possible chance at survival. With tree injections to treat infection and strengthen your trees, occasional tree trimming and pruning, and diligence in removing insect parasites from your trees, we can help you grow longer-lasting trees. Trimming and pruning, though usually left undone by home and business owners, is an essential part of good tree health. Trimming and pruning trees gives their branches more space to grow, thinning their canopies and ensuring that there is nothing nearby to interfere with or damage their branches.

Dealing with Storm-Damaged, Diseased, and Dying Trees

When external forces are at work to damage your tree, sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it… and sometimes there is. At YTS, we know the difference. We offer tree care services for dying, diseased, and storm-damaged trees that are right for you and your trees’ needs, helping you consider your options and choose the best path forward for you tree based on the severity and nature of its damage. If a tree on your property is too damaged to save, we won’t con you into paying for tree revitalization services that won’t work; instead, we’ll offer you your best and only option – tree removal. If your tree can be saved, though, we’ll help you save it with good tree maintenance and protection using trimming and pruning, injections, and tree cabling and bracing.

Residential and Commercial Minnesota Tree Care

Whether it’s at your home or business, YTS’ certified arborists will help you keep your Maple Grove, Minnesota trees healthy using effective tree care like tree fertilization, cabling and bracing, trimming and pruning, administering tree injections, and inspecting your trees for harmful insect parasites and disease. In addition to keeping the trees at your home or business healthy, we’ll also be there at the end of your trees’ lives to help you with tree and stump removal so that you can start fresh and begin planting new trees and taking measures to ensure they last as long as possible. Contact YTS today at (612) 331-1133, or email us at to find out more about our extensive tree care services.

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