Trimming and Pruning Brainerd Lakes Area

Trimming and Pruning Brainerd Lakes AreaHave you looked at the trees in your yard and noticed that they’re in dire need of some significant trimming or pruning?  If you’re a resident of the Brainerd Lakes Area, you’re in luck, as YTS is just around the corner.  YTS offers a full gamete of tree care services to ensure your trees are properly cared for all year long.  Whether you’re looking to nurse a tree back to health, prune it, trim it, or even cut it down after it’s become damaged, YTS is the company to call.

Trimming and Pruning Brainerd Lakes Area

As is the case with most tree care services, trimming and pruning takes a certain art and knowledge to perform properly.  Also, depending on the type of tree, timing can be everything.  The last thing you want to do is trim a tree at the wrong time of year, only to stunt its growth, and ultimately cause it permanent harm.  At YTS, with 7 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, we know exactly how and when all of the major trees in the Brainerd Lakes area need to be trimmed and pruned.

A typical tree pruning will include removing dead wood, as well as any diseased or heavily damaged limbs.  With the storms that blew through the Brainerd Lakes area, it’s no surprise that your trees may be in dire need of trimming and pruning.

Tree trimming can help to improve the curb appeal of your house, especially if you have limbs that are significantly overgrown and blocking the view of your home.  At YTS, we’ll also remove any rubbing or crossing branches that do not contribute to the overall health of the tree or are causing damage to your property.

Brainerd Lakes Area Storm Damage Cleanup

One of the most common calls that we get related to tree trimming/pruning occurs after a major storm.  We have a team of storm damage cleanup experts on call 24/7 to handle any of your needs.  We’re not like some other tree companies who may suggest that you cut down a tree, when there is any hope of saving it.  Our Certified Arborists will do everything in their power to save any and all of your trees after a severe storm.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and if you are in need of tree removal, don’t worry as YTS can handle that too!

Reach Out to YTS Today!

If your trees are overgrown, and you’re tired of attempting to trim them yourself, pick up the phone and give YTS a call today.  Reach out to us 24/7 at 612-331-1133, or via email at

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