Remer MN Tree Removal

Tree Restoration & RemovalServices MNIn Remer, MN, we’re used to strong summer storms, but recently it seems as if we’ve been experiencing a more severe batch of strong winds and thunderstorms. The recent severe weather that blew through Remer was even responsible for 2 deaths of campers when a tree actually fell on their tents in Northern Minnesota. If trees on your property were damaged, or fell during this recent storm, it’s important to partner with a tree care company that has the experience, and resources to take care of your tree removal project quickly and safely. At YTS, we have more than a decade of experience helping Minnesota homeowners, businesses and municipalities with all of their MN tree care needs. Read on to learn how we can help you after the recent rash of severe weather in our area.

Tree Removal Services Remer

If you have a tree that is leaning against your house, of has fallen completely, you likely understand that you are in dire need of tree removal services from a reputable tree care company. Unfortunately, not all tree care companies are created equally. Frequently after large storms like we’ve experienced in Remer, many alleged “tree services” will come from out of state to try to get your business. Many times these companies are not properly insured or bonded, and may not have adequate MN tree care experience.

At YTS, we are a fully licensed and insured tree service that has been serving MN communities for over 10 years. In this time, we’ve not only become experts in the types of trees in our area, but also in providing the highest level of service to our customers.

MN Storm Damage Services

We understand that your home or commercial property may look like quite a mess after the recent severe weather that we’ve experienced in the area. If you’re not sure how to go about cleaning up after the recent storm, feel free to reach out to YTS today. We specialize in storm damage cleanup and can handle any type of tree removal, tree restoration, stump removal, tree cabling & bracing, tree trimming & pruning, and much more.

If you’re ready to have your property looking like it did prior to the storms that recently affected Remer and surrounding areas, feel free to reach out to YTS today for a free estimate. We can be reached by phone 24/7 at 612-331-1133, or via email at We look forward to helping you enjoy your property once again.

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