Stump Grinding & Removal Services MN

MN Commercial Location Tree CareYTS also offers St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN with municipal and utility company stump grinding services. It’s common to think of arborists and our clients calling the utility companies before we perform a tree removal, stump removal or another kind of tree care or lawn care service – to ensure that any underground utilities are properly located and marked… Though this is true, it is also common for them to call us, for our services. If you are an electric/utilities company or a municipal property that needs tree stump removal contact us for timely and professional services.

Municipal Property Stump Removal

Tree Removal ContractorTree stumps left unattended can not only continue to be an eye sore, but they have the possibility of becoming a real pain… as technology grows and attention spans fade, it is important to protect yourself from possible mishaps on your property. We all see people on major highways texting and driving, so it’s safe to say they don’t give a second thought to texting and walking, texting and running or texting and bike riding either, right? The point is, not many of us are in the moment anymore and if there’s a big stump where people frequent, chances are someone will stumble upon it and doing so could cost you a pretty penny and a possible headache. Plus, tree stumps definitely don’t add value or any type of curb appeal.

Utility Company Stump Removal

Roots can affect underground utility lines. Many times trees are removed because their roots are at high risk for growing into the path of our much needed utility lines. Other times, they are not caught prior and are the reason for commercial, residential and public disruptions. It isn’t uncommon for sewer lines to leak a bit, but the sewage that leaks can actually attract roots and cracked sewer lines definitely do. When a root reaches underground pipes, it can easily crack, crush and enter the pipe. Leading to ceases and disruptions in function or hazards, depending on what the pipe holds.

Professional Stump Removal

Stump Removal ContractorThe majority of tree roots are no deeper than three feet into the ground. This can become a problem if roots are growing into walk ways, road ways, parking lots or other paved locations. We can eliminate roots from an already cut down tree or perform a tree removal and stump grinding service to prevent or remove trees and roots that have become an issue.

Specialized Stump Grinding Equipment

It’ll take years to get the stump and remaining roots uplifted and out of the ground with a shovel… Our tree care contractors wouldn’t even consider it. Why? Because we have specialized, professional grade equipment designed and built to cut through roots effortlessly and precisely. After the roots and stump is quickly shredded into woodchips we pick it all up and level the hole. The YTS tree care professionals will never leave your property disheveled or dangerous.

Tree Care Services Contracts or One Time Request

Stump Removal Contractor MNYTS is a flexible tree care company and though we know how cost effective our year-round municipal and utility company tree services contracts are, we don’t force them on our clients. We are happy to come out to your property for a one time service and are confident that you will choose us again if you ever should need another tree care contractor for your property. Contact our courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed arborists for any questions you have on our services or to get us out to your property and complete your desired job.

At YTS, our mission is to provide clients with outstanding service that instills pride in our employees, our clients, and our industry. Our team operates with the highest degree of integrity focused on continual learning and the utmost professionalism. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients through clear communication with a dedication to providing service that provides exceptional customer experience, every time. That’s The YTS Way.

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